by Federico Cataldo



Fertile Fancy is a series of 4D rendering of lucid dreams. Ancient sampling of Shakesperean's shadows, esh and sounds made clouds who veil a moon of temporal re ections. A research in the lines of Amlet and Macbeth mutated in wild dreams of neo-ambient sonnets who drift with no beginning and no end, merely rippling, re ecting, and turning upon themselves in a perpetual, very slow motion turbulence. Leaves tumbling in autumnal twilight. Fog spilling over coastal hills. Moonlight tickling the agitated surface of a pond. From words to sounds, these six tracks are tiny sound worlds, impressionistic views of landscape and indistinct memories, voices from a time that there has never been. You can't go back. Fertile.


John Hawkwood lived in Italy during the 1300's as a mercenary and military commander. Timewarped to our days, with it's monicker Hwkwd he creates new waves of sound. His spirit possesses the body of Federico Cataldo, a composer, electronic artist and performer from Ravenna currently resident in Bologna. Both focuses their interests in ancient sampling, sonic archeology and hybrid synthesis techniques. Their musical works evoke shades of dreamy postcard memories and snapshots of another times and places. They debuted in september with a foursome of progressive downtempo visions for Metaphysical Circuits. Detached house beats and other techno tricks oat over dark angel dust oceans; mantric archaeology; found sound sculptures and delicate melodies, drenched in catacomb esoterica.

To be released live on Thursday the 26th of May @ Madame Claude, Berlin.

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released May 16, 2016



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